Hello I am Molly Leach

I am an abstract fluid artist living in South Florida. I have always grown up in coastal cities and I draw my inspiration largely from the ocean. Fluid art has been my passion for multiple years now. I enjoy working on large scale pieces. My passion for fluid art stems from its uniqueness and simulation of motion. No two pieces will ever be the same and its individuality intrigues me. I look forward to every day that I am able to paint. I also love teaching others and teach privately and in group lessons here in South Florida. It is my hope that others can see the movement and feel the emotion in my pieces.

What is fluid art?
Acrylic fluid art is an abstract impressionistic artform in which paints are made more fluid using various mediums and then manipulated on the canvas using methods such as compressed air, palette knives, or by hand. Each piece is one of a kind and cannot be replicated.

Learn How to do Fluid Art